This project is a perfect example of how a simple thought can bring a drastic change. In this era of humungous infrastructural development where every day we say a new skyscraper shaping up we don’t realize that it is the outcome of the years of hard work by laborers who give up everything to earn a living. SNEH volunteers realized that the kids of these laborers are deprived of education because of obvious reasons. Started with a weekend class where in volunteers used to teach kids, counsel parents with respect to health and nutrition. A teacher was appointed from the community itself to educate/monitor kids throughout the week along with the weekend SNEH tracker.This not only gave her employment but also the motivation to make the difference in the weakest section of the society.Kids has shown tremendous growth and now we plan to enroll them to a proper school, a couple of kids are already going to SNEH pre school & other schools. With our sincere efforts many kids were sent to a school at RAHTANI/Godavari and the transportation was arranged/sponsored by SNEH. Phase two of CS project unfolded when SNEH volunteers located a site where construction site workers and other small time craftsmen were dwelling along with their families and a generation was being wasted. 25 kids are now attending evening classes at our pre school every day and SNEH takes the ownership/responsibility for the wellbeing of these children.We have started visiting one more construction site CS3. SNEH foundation is working with TMCP ( TARA Mobile Creches PUNE ) NGO at CS3. Our volunteers conduct weekend classes with 50-60 kids along with rigorous parents counseling and trying to convey the key message “ Importance of good education and health “ . CS 3 is a huge challenge as the target audience is migratory and we will ensure that a seed is sown and wherever they go our message follows .

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