As part of this initiative we are covering mother’s of all those kids who are looked after by SNEH Foundation. Kids stay with SNEH or teachers just 3-4 hours a day and rest of the time with parents. So we thought to train their mothers who will be the real guide for such underprivileged kids 24x7. We have around 70-80 women with us to train. This initiative was taken up in order to fulfill the following objectives:1.) Holding interactive sessions with mothers so as to make them open & comfortable to learn new things & become self-sustained going ahead.2.) Counseling them on some of the basic habits related to Health,Nutrition,Hygiene etc.3.) Suggesting them various measures that can be taken at home to improve family's health & hygiene.4.) Improving their basic language speaking ability for improving their confidence i.e. English speaking classes.5.) Planning various activities / open house discussions with mothers for getting to know more from them.6.) Get to understand their skill / specialty area’s which can be utilized for their own good & which may help them to contribute to family income (A future Road Map & an IMP one for us & for them).

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